About Us – Hog Roast Bridlington

If we are catering for your Bridlington event, you can expect a professional approach with a personalised touch. We will provide a custom-made menu that meets the requirements of your budget, accommodates the needs of your guests, suits your personal preferences and is a great match for your event.

Meeting All Your Mobile Catering Needs In Bridlington

Hog Roast BridlingtonWe offer a full spectrum of menus ranging from hog roast sandwiches to varied buffets, themed menus, BBQ banquets, sociable sharing platters and formal 3-course meals. Don’t worry if you have guests with different tastes or dietary needs to satisfy because we have got it covered. We supply plenty of delicious dishes alongside our gourmet hog roasts, which means you can indulge in the best hog roast catering in Bridlington whilst also being the host with the most by pleasing all your guests. Your menu will be tailored to your specific requirements and executed to perfection on the day.

Unbeatable Hog Roasts And Diverse Dishes

If you haven’t already checked out the catering package options we have on our menus page, we’re sure that you will be delighted to know that we offer a selection of alternative joints of meat, including beef, lamb, turkey, and chicken, as well as our own spin on BBQ classics including gourmet sausages and burgers, a broad array of sides and salads, inventive handmade canapes, dishes that are firm favourites, as well as more contemporary flavour combinations. We can comfortably cater for all tastes as well as hitting the spot with hog roast fans. We will also go the extra mile to accommodate specific dietary needs in addition to providing a range of vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free dishes.

Celebrating Locally Sourced Produce

Hog Roast BridlingtonBridlington is known for its local delicacies, particularly its seafood of course, and here at Hog Roast Bridlington, we have always done our bit to showcase the area’s home grown fare by sourcing all our ingredients locally where possible. We have scoured the East Yorkshire coast for the best meat, dairy products, fruit, veg and baked goods, and we have established strong links with local food producers who keep us supplied with fantastic fresh fare all year round. We freshly prepare everything that we can onsite, including our meaty mains, vegetarian and vegan alternatives, delicate canapés, and our diverse sides, salads, starters and sauces.

Providing Flawless Food Service

Whether you want to make your guests feel special, create a great first impression, offer a warm welcome or encourage everyone to get involved in the event, the quality of the service is key is creating the atmosphere that you want. You can rely on the Hog Roast Bridlington team to get it just right. In addition to supplying delicious and expertly prepared food, we will provide all the little finishing touches that will make your food look as good as it tastes. We will also serve it in the way that best suits your event and the ambiance you want for your day. This could be as a buffet or as a formal sit-down meal if you want to create more of a fine dining experience. For more formal events, corporate entertaining and wedding receptions, we have our specialist events support staff who can provide attentive front of house duties followed by efficient table service if you require this.

Offering DIY Hog Roast Solutions                     

Hog Roast BridlingtonAlongside our popular hog roast catering services, we also offer machine hire options for those of you who want to give hog roasting a try for yourself. This is a great solution for professional caterers who are considering purchasing a hog roaster of their own, as well as  offering an exciting self-catering option for outdoor parties. We have a range of models available to suit different catering requirements, so please give us a call here at Hog Roast Bridlington if you are interested in hiring a hog roast machine.